Aviation English

What is that?

English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication.

The ELPAC pilot test has been designed to assess the ability of pilots to communicate effectively with air traffic control at ICAO levels 4 and 5. This means that pilots must demonstrate their ability to:

make requests,

report unexpected situations,

communicate and resolve potential misunderstandings.

ELPAC is designed for pilots and air traffic controllers thus giving the same communication evaluation platform and “measurements”.

How does it happen?

The ELPAC test architecture consists of 2 parts.

Paper 1 – listening and comprehension.

Paper 2 – oral interaction.

Paper 1 (Listening Comprehension) tests understanding communications between pilots and controllers and between controllers and controllers in both routine and non-routine situations. The recordings are based on authentic material and range from short standard pilot transmissions to longer communications in which the controller and pilot deal with non-routine or unusual situations.

ELPAC Paper 1 is administered via the Internet and takes around 40 minutes.

Paper 2 (Oral Interaction) assesses the controller’s or pilot’s proficiency through non-visual and visual communication in three tasks. It includes:

  • the correct use of standard ICAO phraseology

  • switching between structured phrases [RTF] and plain English

  • making an appropriate response to a message

  • resolving misunderstandings

  • dealing effectively with the relationship between pilot and controller

  • negotiating a developing unusual situation

  • making a verbal report in English (of the unusual situation)

  • producing extended speech in an aviation context

ELPAC Paper 2 is administered by two ELPAC examiners, a language expert and an operational expert, and takes around 20 minutes.

What makes the result?

The test and examiners are collecting the evidence of delivered speech and given answers and compare them to ICAO rating scale (see picture below) in order to validate the candidate’s performance against the standard. At the end of successful examination candidate receives a certificate verifying the achieved ICAO English language level.

The minimum required level for operational use in airspace where Radiocommunication with ATC is mandatory, is level 4.

If you wish to apply for the ELPAC exam please contact us +371 22849907.

For more information see https://elpac.eurocontrol.int/index.html

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