IR/SE Rating

IR/SE Rating

  1. What are IR/SE Rating course requirements?

    The single-engine Instrument rating (SE / IR) flight program may be initiated once you have: 
    • Valid PPL license
    • Medical certificate
    However, it should be noted that the final skills test of the program is allowed only when all 14 ATP theory subjects have been passed by the CAA.

  2. Program description

    The minimum flight time for an IR (A) modular flight training course shall be 50 hours, including:
    • At least 10 hours of flight time with a basic flight module (BIFM),
    • At least 40 hours of dual flight time in the instrument flight module (PIFM).
  3. Program costs

    The approximate costs for the SE / IR flight program are ~ 11'000 EUR

    Additional expenses:

      • Skills test (state exam) 380 EUR
      • SE / IR entry in the license 70 EUR
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