1. The aim of the course

    To train PPL(A) holders in accordance with the requirements of Part-FCL to the level of proficiency necessary for the issue of CPL(A).
    The CPL(A) modular course consists of: - dual visual flight instruction, - dual instrument flight instruction
  2. Pre-entry requirements

    The applicant shall meet the following requirements to be eligible for enrollment:
    • Hold PPL(A) issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1
    • Have completed 150 hours flight time
    • Hold NR(A) or receive night training comprising of additional 5 hours of instruction during the CPL(A) modular course
    • Hold Class 1 medical certificate in accordance with MED.A.030 (f)
    • Possess sufficient level of English language knowledge (at least level 4 English proficiency).
  3. The minimum flying time for the CPL(A) course is 25 hours
    • At least 15 hours dual time of visual flight training, including at least 5 hours of dual flight instruction on complex airplane (at least 4 seats, VP propeller, and retractable landing gear),
    • At least 10 hours dual time of instrument flight training which is identical to Basic Instrument Flight Module (BIFM).

    For more information write to training@eriva.lv 

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