ATP Theory Training

ATP Theory Training

  1. What are the ATP course pre-requirements?

    • Hold PPL(A), issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1
    • Possess sufficient level of knowledge of English language, in both spoken and written forms
    • Possess sufficient level of knowledge of Physics and Mathematics
    • Hold at least Class 2 medical

  2. Course description

    The aim of this course is to train students to the level of theoretical knowledge required for the ATP(A) as applicable in accordance with the requirements of Part-FCL.

    The ATP modular course is divided in 2 modules of theoretical instruction. Each module has CBT and Classroom phases where CBT phase training is scheduled to enable smooth progression through the course, to allow continuous monitoring of performance and to regulate the total period of training undertaken and Classroom phase sessions are intended as consultations in all subjects – discussions of main topics, problematic questions, revision of subject, and an opportunity to familiarize the student with the tidings in respective subjects and feedback from examinations. Consultations may include class tests with sample questions. Classroom work is arranged every second week. The duration of one Classroom session is 3 hours.

    The student who holds PPL and undertakes a modular course of theoretical knowledge instruction shall complete 650 hours of instruction within a period of 18 months. 

    ATP modular course is organized in a distance learning manner. The whole course is divided into 2 modules which consist of the following subjects:

  3. Course price

    The price of the ATP theory course is 2'100 EUR.
    The price includes all the necessary training materials: access to CBT, textbooks, and a set of training cards.
    Additional expenses:
    Theory exams at the Civil Aviation Agency ~ 800 EUR

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